Games Posted are not guaranteed to be shown in Hi-Def and in Surround Sound

These are available games for the posted week.

All Playoff Games, Cavs, Ohio State, Indians, Browns games will take priority over all other games


Thursday (Aug 11th)

7:30      Saints vs. Patriots

1:00      Broncos vs. Bears (replay)


Friday (Aug 12th)

10:00    Jaguars vs. Jets (replay)

1:00      Panthers vs. Ravens (replay)

4:00      Buccaneers vs. Eagles (replay)

7:00      Lions vs. Steelers

8:00      Browns vs. Packers

10:00    Raiders vs. Cardinals


Saturday (Aug 13th)

10:00    Dolphins vs. Giants (replay)

1:00      Browns vs. Packers (replay)

4:30      Seahawks vs. Chiefs

8:00      Cowboys vs. Rams


Sunday (Aug 14th)

4:00      Cowboys vs. Rams (replay)

7:00      Texans vs. 49ers

12:00    Chargers vs. Falcons (replay)